Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Confirmed For 2021

B99 characters cheering
Credit: NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s been an eventful year for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but we now know that the show will return in 2021!

The good news was spread across cast and crew’s social media providing fans with a well needed positive update. But it’s likely that this season will be slightly different from previous ones.

2020 threw a lot at the cast and crew of the show with the entire eighth season being re-written in light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement. As a result, the creators are taking a commitment “to write a smart show that will not attempt to hide itself in a fantasy” Andre Braugher said in a podcast with The Awardist.

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s clear that the Nine-Nine will reflect current issues and it’s likely that it will not feature the precinct breaking the law. Terry Crews recently spoke to Seth Meyers on the future of the show and how they plan on adapting to the current situation happening in America.

Credit Late Night With Seth Myers

So the season is going to be different, but the good news is that the cast are returning next year and we can’t wait! Why not pass the time by finding out which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character you are?