Ellie Kemper Didn’t Like Erin & Andy’s Relationship

Erin and andy from the office
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The Office US features a ton of relationships throughout tis nine-year span. Some couples we love. And others we aren’t so sure about. The mockumentary may have ended seven years ago, but its not stopped millions of us talking about what they might have changed. And even the actors who played the characters in the comedy are now having their say. Ellie Kemper, the actress who played Erin, has recently spoken out about her on-screen relationship…

While many of us loved certain love interests in the show, including Michael and Holly and Jim and Pam, there’s a few that fans wish the show would have given a miss. And one, in particular, is usually discussed. Andy and Erin were not the most suited soulmates, and viewers will know that Erin eventually ends up with Pete. And while the office romance was short-lived, many remember how dysfunctional the duo were together. And Kemper herself said she wasn’t a fan of Andy and Erin dating. On The Oral History of the Office Podcast, Kemper discussed that she didn’t feel the receptionist was meant to end up with Andy. Thank God they didn’t!

Erin from the office
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Not everyone was a fan of Erin and Andy…

The actress told Brian Baumgartner that she felt that Andy wasn’t a match for Erin because he “was a bit too childish. He wasn’t ready to take care of Erin. Erin was ready to take care of Andy, but I felt that it was uneven in that respect”. Her relationship with Andy was up and down at the best of times, as she leaves him when she finds out he used to be with Angela. Erin then started to date Gabe, but their relationship became stale. Andy then comes back into the picture, but Erin ends the relationship to move on with Pete. While Erin and Andy’s relationship was put to the test numerous times, they could still never seem to get it right. Ellie Kemper, along with many of us, felt this was a good thing!

While Pete was the man for Erin, other potential love interests were thrown into the mix by producers and writers. Baumgartner spoke to Kemper to tell her that even he pitched the idea of Kevin and Erin getting together. The Kevin actor went to the writer’s room to tell them that “if Kevin could mature just a little, there was something about their energy that I thought was right”. While they teased us with this idea when Michael tries to play cupid, this never ended up happening. Kemper suggested that it would “be a pretty reasonable relationship. That actually makes perfect sense to me. I love that pitch”. We prefer the idea of Kevin and Erin over Andy and Erin!

Erin and pete in the office
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Erin and Kevin would have been perfect!

While we wouldn’t change The Office for the world, it would have been very interesting to see how the show would have ended up with different relationships. We stan Erin and Kevin!

The Office leaves Netflix in 2021, so you might need this!