Melissa Fumero Shares Concerns About Brooklyn Nine-Nine Remake

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Remake
Credit: Escuade 99

The popularity of the show has resulted in a Brooklyn Nine-Nine remake, but Melissa Fumero has already shown her disappointment.

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Quebec version of the award winning show features French-Canadian actors step into the roles of Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti, Terry Jeffords and the rest of the gang. However there is some controversy as both Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago are being played by white actresses.

Melissa Fumero plays Amy Santiago on the US version of the show and took to twitter to voice her opinion on the obvious swap of ethnicity for the characters. She followed the tweet by explaining “Furthermore, I love actors so I do not mean to shame these actresses, it’s not their fault… it’s up to the decision makers”. The crew working on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine remake are yet to comment.

Earlier this year, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine showed their support to the Black Lives Matter movement by donating $100,000 to the cause.

It was also announced that the new season of the show had been scrapped to be re-written in light of recent events. We are yet to get an update on the progress of the upcoming season.