Natalia Dyer Says ST Season 4 Delay Has Made It Even Better

Nancy and Jonathan from stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Our patience for a new season of Stranger Things is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves. If it wasn’t bad enough that millions of us wait over a year for each season to drop, it’s looking like we could be waiting approximately 2 years for Season 4 to hit Netflix. The coronavirus pandemic halted production, as months passed by with no filming. But Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, believes this is a good thing!

Dyer has suggested that the next series of the Netflix Original is the best one yet. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress feels like lockdown was actually a blessing in disguise. This is because the writers have worked on the upcoming season and ensured the plot is perfect. Dyer also confirmed that there is an extra episode coming our way. Each season usually consists of 8 episodes, but we are being treated to 9 in season 4. Yay!

The stranger things cast
Credit: Netflix

Things should be back on track soon…

In the interview, Dyer said: “Normally, we get the first few scripts, and then they have to keep writing due to the schedule of it, and it takes a while to craft a script. So, normally, there’s a kind of ‘writing as we’re going,’ but it seems they’ve had enough time. I think it’s maybe been a blessing for the writers, in some way, because they had the time to just sit down, think, and create. So, yeah, it appears to be that they’ve got it all down.” So in the past, it seems the writers have ‘gone with the flow’, but these past few months have given them the time to create a thorough storyline. We’re excited!

Season 4 had already begun filming before production was shut down back in March. Dyer mentions this, as she explains: “I think we were just maybe a few weeks into filming. I was still kind of getting used to it and finding the flow of it and getting my body used to waking up at whatever hour. Yeah, it was wild. At first, it was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to go on a two-week hiatus,’ and then, it was like, ‘Okay, we’re really going to go on a hiatus. So, yeah, it’s kind of wild to think about because it’s something that you look forward to so much, and there’s so much preparation and excitement around it, and then, we start and stop. And now, it’s been quite a while. But I’m very, very excited for when we do go back. I’m excited by the scripts. I’m excited for everything that this season is going to be”.

Nancy from stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Let’s hope 2021 brings us Season 4!

Stranger Things season 4 being pushed back has also caused many fans to create theories on what they believe is coming. One even includes the idea that Hopper is a clone! All we know is, we can’t wait till the new episodes head to the streaming service. It’s been too long!

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