Netflix Wants To Create Fantasy Franchise

The star wars poster
Credit: IMDb

We all know by now that Netflix has smashed it when it comes to blockbuster films. In recent months, the streaming service has released stellar movies, with millions of users flocking to watch new content. And while the company has perfected series and one-off movies, franchises are something the service hasn’t really touched upon. But now, Netflix is looking at making its own version of successful franchises, using Star Wars and Harry Potter as the example!

Netflix aims to bring a ‘PG-friendly fantastical adventure film’ in the future, similar to popular movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter. The VP of Original Film at Netflix suggested that they were “looking at big, broad-audience, PG-level adventure films as something that we want to get into. Something along the lines of the first Star Wars, or Harry Potter 1 and 2. A lot of family live-action, fantasy, spectacle movies that we think are big and can play great. A Jumanji-type of story. That is the next frontier”. Amazing!

The cast of harry potter
Credit: IMDb

The streaming service has focused on bug0budget movies in recent years. ANd it’s massively paid off. Extraction became the most popular movie on the platform. And the company has recently announced they have invested in a $200million+ movie starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. Lockdown has proven to the company that the entertainment world has shifted, especially with many cinemas unable to reopen. Offering a franchise movie will be a great move!

With Netflix’s original series Stranger Things under their belt, the service is more than likely going to perfect a brand new fantasy franchise. With rumors circulating for months on whether Netflix will soon run out of content, a franchise would fit into their schedule soon. As the world finally gets back to normal, the service could soon be working on a new franchise for us all to get excited about.

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Credit: Netflix

Could it be as good as Harry Potter or Star Wars? Only time will tell!