Rashida Jones Says Playing Karen Gave Her Anxiety

karen and pam from the office
Credit: NBC

A debate that has been ongoing for years. Should Jim have ended up with Karen over Pam? Office fans will know the end result, but many feel Jim should have stuck with Karen. Played by Rashida Jones, Karen turned a possible love story into a love triangle in season 3. While Jones only starred in a number of episodes, her impact playing the character of Karen is still felt. And it seems the impact affected the actress also…

Karen Filipelli was the character that nearly stopped one of the most epic love stories in a sitcom from happening. Thankfully (or not depending on your opinion) Jim and Pam ended up living happily ever after. It was because of Pam that Jim and Karen did not end up working out. And in many ways, Karen became a disliked character as fans felt she prolonged their relationship from happening. This pressure, along with other factors, caused the actress to even have insomnia!

Karen and jim from the office
Credit: NBC

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones suggested that she spent most of her time worrying that everyone would hate her character. Because she was the reason Jim and Pam didn’t get together after Casino night, she felt the world was against her. Jones even said to the Hollywood Reporter that she believed Office fans were going to ‘egg her house’ in protest over Jim and Pam’s destined love! Because of this, she ‘had anxiety and insomnia for the three weeks before her season aired’.

And that’s not the only reason Jones was worried during her time on the mockumentary. For millions of people, Steve Carell made the sitcom what it was. His impact on the show is highlighted further as many believe the show was never the same after he left in Season 7. Jones went as far as to say that she thought she may be fired from the show because Steve Carell was that funny! In her first scenes with the famous Michael Scott, Jones couldn’t keep a straight face throughout each take with him. This behavior made Jones think she may be fired because she was acting unprofessionally! It’s not your fault Rashida, we wouldn’t be able to cope if we filmed with Carell either!

Karen from the office
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So not only did Jones have to deal with the world hating her because of her love interest. But she also had to cope with the difficulty of filming with Carell the genius! We also recently reported on a Jim and Karen scene that was thankfully cut because the creators didn’t feel it was appropriate. Poor Rashida, she’s had enough hate, and it all worked out in the end!

Don’t forget that The Office is leaving Netflix in 2021, so you may want to grab the boxset!