Space Force: Here’s Why Maggie Naird Is In Prison

Maggie and mark in space force
Credit: Netflix

It was the show’s biggest mystery, now the series creator of Space Force has now finally broken their silence on the matter.

It was pretty clear that the mystery surrounding why Mark’s wife was a real talking point amongst fans. The situation was never explained throughout the season but the show’s creator Greg Daniels has an explanation. Daniels had this to say in an interview with The Wrap “at the moment, we’re kind of enjoying the mystery around it and the question marks that it raises”.

Space Force
Credit Netflix Space Force

We can deduce the sort of crime that Maggie committed based on a few clues. We know that she is facing 40-60 years which is a hefty sentence, but not life. This points to some sort of fraud or drug trafficking charge, considering Mark still visits her, it’s safe to say she didn’t hurt him or someone he cares about.

The first season of Space Force is streaming on Netflix and we certainly hope it gets renewed for season 2! This might give us some more answers to Maggie’s situation.

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