Stranger Things S2 Planned for Will to Kill a Major Character

Will from Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Poor Will. The character that literally can’t catch a break. Throughout each season, it seems Will has a tougher time. But while viewers sympathize with the Stranger Things character dearly, his storyline was set to be much worse!

The Duffer Brothers intended for a very different ending to Season 2 of the Netflix Original. Will Byers was actually meant to murder a major character! The Duffer Brothers considered the idea that Will would actually be the one that killed Bob Newby. If we thought his death wasn’t already traumatizing enough, Season 2 nearly saw Bob killed by his step-son!

The cast of stranger things
Credit: Netflix

The creators of Stranger Things decided against this storyline, but it would have made sense. Will disappeared in the first season, trapped in the Upside Down by the Demogorgon. He was then rescued, but the side effects still remained, as the young boy suffered from PTSD. As we’ve seen in recent seasons, Will has struggled to cope with the effect the Mind Flayer has had. With Will being the new host, he would have been the one to kill Bob (played by Sean Astin). Instead of being killed by the Demodogs in Hawkins Lab, Will would have been the murderer. What does everyone think – would this have been a better plot?

We also recently reported that due to production halted because of the coronavirus pandemic, the storyline for season 4 has completely changed. Nancy actress Natalia Dyer suggested that the creators have reworked the script, meaning S4 will be the ‘best one yet’. We wonder if they have removed another murder scene?! Bob’s death has been deemed one of the most tragic deaths of the show, but it could have been very different. The Duffer Brothers intended for Bob to drive Will to school, sharing a bonding moment. Will would have then been controlled by the Mind Flayer and kill Bob in the car!

bob and will in the car
Credit: Netflix

Yes, Bob still died in the series, but we can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would have been to witness Will being the one to kill him. Because the cast and crew connected with Bob’s character, they felt the storyline didn’t fit – and we are glad! Season 4 – we are ready for you now!