The Office’s Kathy Says She Still Gets Abuse From Fans

Kath from the office
Credit: NBC

We hate to admit it, but even we have a strong dislike towards Kathy. The character, played by Lindsey Broad, rocked the boat back in season 8. Jim and Pam’s ‘perfect romance’ was shook when Kathy entered Dunder Mifflin. For a number of episodes, fans witness Kathy attempt to seduce Jim, although thankfully, nothing ever happens. The Office’s fandom is still reeling to this day, even when the show ended over seven years ago. And Broad herself has suggested that she still lives with the abuse from fans to this day.

The actress has recently been speaking out about the trolling she has endured since the sitcom ended in 2013. The Office has become a cultural phenomenon, with new fans enjoying the show still to this day. But with this has come opinions and debates on the character of Kathy. Broad took to Twitter, shocking users as she announced that certain trolls have said to her in the past.

While Broad’s character was intended to play the villain, especially as Jim and Pam hadn’t really seen any problems in their relationship until she arrived, it’s sad to see certain people taking it too far. Just last week, the actress took to Instagram to update her followers that her dog had passed away.

Some of the cast have recently spoken out about the storyline, and how fans seem to confuse real life with the show. Jenna Fischer sat down with Brian Baumgartner on his podcast ‘An Oral History of The Office’ to talk about Pam and Jim. In the past, Fischer has had to clear up rumors that she wears the engagement ring that Jim gives to her in the show. Fischer responded to the speculation, saying ‘I wear the ring my actual husband of 10 years gave me!’. On the podcast, the actress told Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone: ‘people don’t know how John and I are not a couple in real life’.

Kathy, jim and stanley from the office
Credit: NBC

So while we understand that Kathy is one of the worst characters in the show, let’s not forget she isn’t the only villain in the mockumentary. And with that being said, let’s remember that The Office isn’t real people.

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