There’s a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of The Office!

The office jigsaw
Credit: Entertainment Earth

This one is for the ultimate office fan. And also someone who has plenty of time on their hands! The Office ended seven years ago, leaving many of us with a hole in our hearts. While we love to rewatch all 9 seasons over and over, sometimes we need something new to remind us of why we love it so much. And this puzzle is perfect. Picture this – it’s a Sunday afternoon, you are playing with The Office Jigsaw puzzle with the show playing in the back. Heaven!

You can now pre-order a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle featuring the cast of the show when completed! The puzzle measures ’28-inches wide x 20-inches tall when completed and fits easily in a standard sized frame’. This means that all your hard work (along with all the fun you are going to have) can be proudly placed on your wall for everyone to see! We didn’t know we needed something so much until now!

The office cast
Credit: NBC

Does 1000 pieces sound a little overwhelming? Well, there is also a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle also available to pre-order! If you would like a smaller scare puzzle to keep you occupied, you can get your hands on an easier puzzle. Like the previous puzzle, when completed, creates a perfect opportunity for you to frame and admire your work!

The 500 piece puzzle measures 14-inches x 19-inches. The perfect size for you to chill out at your dining table while playing. We have reported in recent weeks that new Office games are coming. And jigsaw puzzles are the latest to hit the shelves. So if you are in the mood to do a jigsaw, with the end product showing your favorite show, then you have a choice of 500 or 1000 pieces! Have fun everyone!

the office jigsaw
Credit: Entertainment Earth

Don’t forget that you can still get your hands on The Office themed UNO cards!