Carole Baskin Causes a Stir on Dancing With The Stars

Carole baskin dancing
Credit: Glamour

Tiger King provided us with some amazing entertainment during some of the most boring months we’ve ever experienced. And while Joe Exotic provided most of the shock factor, it’s Carole Baskin that really had us intrigued. All for the wrong reasons though. The Netflix documentary focused on the treatment of animals, while capturing the ongoing fight between Exotic and Baskin. But what most fans were really interested in when watching Tiger King was if Carole Baskin killed her husband…

It didn’t take long for Dancing With The Stars to snap Carole Baskin up. While Tiger King dropped on the streaming service months ago, the hype around big-cat activist has continued. And her appearance on the dance show has left everyone gobsmacked! The 29th season began last night, and everyone’s eyes were on Carole Baskin. And not surprisingly, she wasn’t very good!

Not the score she hoped for!

Dancing to Eye of the Tiger, Baskin chose the Paso Doble with partner Pasha Pashkov. And while everything was on theme, with her outfit and choice of song matching Baskin’s aesthetic, she failed to impress anyone. The judged scored her performance a mere 11/30, the lowest of the night. It seems the tiger print and flower crown weren’t enough to distract the judges from her poor dance moves!

This has caused a storm once again. When Tiger King aired, millions of memes began circulating on social media, with Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic the focus of the hilarious images. Baskin’s appearance on DWTS has just reminded everyone of the bizarre documentary. But that’s not the most shocking, controversial event to happen last night!

Carole baskin dancing
Credit: Glamour

Don Lewis’ family did what?!

While Carole Baskin starred on the show, a commercial break during Dancing with the Stars had everyone completely flabbergasted. That is because Don Lewis’ family paid for an advertisement to air asking for people to come forward with any information for evidence. Yes, that’s right, Carole Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis who many believe was murdered by Baskin, featured on an advert as his family appealed during the show. Now that is wild! And we all thought Tiger King was mental!

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