Dacre Montgomery Talks Possibility of Returning to Stranger Things

Billy lifeguarding in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Yes you read that right. Dacre Montgomery aka Billy from Stranger Things has recently spoken about the possibility of returning to the Netflix Original. And while many of you are probably wondering how that is possible after that Season 3 ending, we haven’t completely ruled it out. If Hopper is back for season 4, what’s to say Billy can’t come back?!

Stranger Things likes to confuse fans, as millions of us were left with so many questions after that Season 3 ending. We haven’t yet had any answers as Season 4 production has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. But actor Dacre Montgomery has decided to baffle us even further. The death of Billy Hargrove ripped us apart, as the last episode watched both Hopper and Billy die. But could we be completely wrong?

Billy strangling Eleven in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Could Billy make a comeback?

Dacre Montgomery has recently been promoting his new film The Broken Hearts Gallery. But of course, the Australian actor was asked about Billy’s death in Stranger Things. JoBlo asked Montgomery whether there was any possibility that Billy would return in the future. It seems it may not be the end of the character’s story, as Montogomery had this to say:

“You never know, I think its something that I should leave up to the creators and sort of see where it goes because that’s the amazing thing about that IP is that it’s forever unfolding, it’s not ensconced in a book. You know, the ending is not always definitive, especially in television so we’ll see where that goes”. We love how he isn’t ruling out a return!

Billy leaning on his car in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Does this mean we could actually see Billy return somehow?

It seems pretty impossible, as Season 3 ended with Montgomery’s character sacrificing himself. But the teaser trailer brought Hopper back from the dead. So why can’t Billy return also? It is called Stranger Things after all! What do you think, should the Duffer Brothers write Billy back into future seasons? We’d love to see Dacre Montgomery back in Stranger Things!