Enola Holmes Behind The Scenes Released By Netflix

Enola Holmes Behind The Scenes
Credit: Netflix Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes has received high praise since its release to Netflix, and now we are able to look behind the scenes.

The Sherlock Holmes spinoff had a massively star-studded cast including Henry Caville and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. The film featured some impressive combat choreography and it may come as a surprise just how little was performed by stunt doubles.

Credit Enola Holmes

During the footage we see the iconic East End fight in which Enola uses complicated grapples to better her opponent. We then see the extensive training that Bobby Brown went through to perform the stunts herself! Producer Ali Mendes describes “She’s such a powerhouse, she’s so physically able”. This was certainly shown after it was revealed that she was thrown against a wall 50 times to get the right take.

Credit: Netflix Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes was massively well received by both critics ant the public with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a respectable 92%! It’s hard to think that Netflix would pass-up a sequel… Although it hasn’t been plan sailing for the film as it was revealed that Netflix were sued for it.

If this Enola Holmes behind the scenes footage has sparked your interest, then it’s available to stream on Netflix now!