Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix Controversy

Meghan and Harry
Credit: Hello Magazine

It was recently reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a huge deal with streaming service Netflix. The multi-million pound agreement will focus on the royal couple making their own shows. But it seems not everyone is best pleased with this information. While many fans are ecstatic with the news, others took to social media to suggest this might have pushed them to cancel their subscription…

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently quit their royal duties, heading to America for a life of freedom. Leaving the Royal family behind, they have been able to focus on other projects. And this new Netflix deal seems to have fallen into their laps. But since the news was announced, tons of users headed to Twitter to tell their followers that they are now rethinking their Netflix subscription. One person even tweeted: “Cancelled Netflix. Not paying one penny to them”. So why are they getting so much hate?

Netflix logo
Credit: Netflix

Well, many viewers have given their opinion on why they don’t feel Netflix’s deal with Meghan and Harry is appropriate. Reasons include not being “interested in anything they have to say”. Another blasted on Twitter “if Netflix want to blow their money then that’s their choice. However we also have our choice of withdrawing our Netflix subscription. There are other mediums out there to switch to other than Netflix”. With reports suggesting that the new deal cost Netflix £75 million, and other popular shows are being cancelled, we can see why some people are a little frustrated…

And that’s not the only controversy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now facing with this new deal. Prince Harry was intended to host an Invictus Games party, where the event was going to be streamed by Netflix competitor Amazon Prime Video. But this new deal may have changed plans. It seems the couple have stepped back to focus on their new Netflix show focusing on their new life as parents to Archie. 

Meghan and Harry
Credit: Hello Magazine

It’s not all bad news though. Fans are thankful for some new and exciting content by the couple. Chief content officer of Netflix Ted Sarandos explained that: “We’re incredibly proud they have chosen Netflix as their creative home – and are excited about telling stories with them that can help build resilience and increase understanding for audiences everywhere.” We can’t wait to see what their new programmes will feature, despite the many who are cancelling their subscriptions because of it!

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