Millie Bobby Brown Hopes Eleven and Mike Get Married in Stranger Things

Eleven and mike in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

We’ve reported tons of news on Stranger Things recently. As the Netflix Original has been pushed back until 2021 at the earliest, the stars of the show have been speaking out about the future of the series. Millions of us are waiting for Season 4, with many of us predicting what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes. And Eleven star Millie Bobby Brown has shared what she hopes will happen in the hit show… Including Eleven and Mike Getting married.

hankfully, the creators of Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers, have confirmed that the show will not end at Season 4. This means there are tons more to come for the fantasy series that we’ve all been obsessed with. With that being said, Brown’s recent comments aren’t too far-fetched. The actress has revealed how she would love for the show to reveal that Eleven Marries Mike. With a possible time jump, we could even see the two marry. That would be amazing!

Eleven from ST
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Do we hear wedding bells?

Speaking to Glamour Magazine, Brown suggested that as Eleven has had a bumpy ride over the seasons, she would love to see her character finally get an amazing ending! The actress said: “Oh my god, she’s been through so much, I just hope she’s happy. I always say to the Duffers (the show creators), ‘Can she just not smile like in one take?’ I would love her story to be rounded off by like a good ending”. But what could that ending be we wonder…

The British actress continued: “I trust the Duffer brothers so much that it’s going to be beautiful and I’m going to love it no matter what it is. But I’d love for her to get her powers back because she is a hero, she is like a superwoman in a way. And she loves Mike – I want them to get married. That’s what I need. I need a wedding scene for Stranger Things, period”. So could Eleven finally have a peaceful life and live happily with Mike (and hopefully Hopper?)

The stranger things cast
Credit: Netflix

Hurry up Netflix!

If we weren’t already extremely giddy for Season 4, the possibility of a Stranger Things wedding sounds even better! With the pandemic pushing the new series back, it seems we might have to wait some time before we can view the new season. We just want all the answers on how Hopper survived!

What do you think about the possibility of a story line where Eleven Marries Mike?

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