Millie Bobby Brown Stole This From The Stranger Things Set

Eleven from Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown has played the character Eleven for a number of years in Stranger Things. So what harm is it that she may have taken the odd piece of memorabilia on the way? The hilarious British Accent recently spoke to BBC Radio 1 in order to promote her newest movie, Netflix’s Enola Holmes, as she exposed some of her secrets to the interviewer!

It has to be said that Millie Bobby Brown has worked on some amazing projects at just 16 years old. Godzilla, Enola Holmes, and of course Stranger Things are just some of the stellar content she has been featured in. So it’s only right the actress has taken parts of the set with her, right? Talking film critic Ali Plumb, Brown admits she has taken things from each set. As she opens up about what he has taken, she admits to stealing clothes from this famous scene on Stranger Things!

You all remember when Max takes Eleven shopping at the mall (which will soon be destroyed in later episodes)? Well, fans went crazy as Stranger Things brought back a very nostalgic feeling, showing us some old-school stores from the 80s. Eleven and Max head to Gap, where the girls try on tons of new clothes. Well, Millie Bobby Brown actually stole a shirt and jeans from the store, even if it was fake. The actress admits: “It was definitely a set store but I did take corduroy jeans and a stripey red and blue shirt”. She also talks about taking a lighter from the INtruders set, and ‘Dash’ from Enola Holmes. Who knew she was such a thief?!

In the interview, the two also talk about the hilarious blooper reel from Stranger Things. And not forgetting the Season 3 blooper as we watch David Harbour, who plays Hopper, struggling to tell Mike and Eleven that Mike’s ‘grandma’ needs him. Brown talks about how hard it was to film the scene. Although it might not look as funny as it seems, the actress says it took 45 minutes to film!

Eleven and mike in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown has also recently spoken about her hopes for Stranger Things. As production resumes, predictions on what Season 4 will bring us has been circulating. With the Hopper Brothers confirming that more seasons are coming, where will the sci-fi show go? Well, Brown wants to see Mike and Eleven marry! Now that would be amazing!

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