Netflix Lets Non-Subscribers Watch Content For FREE

The stranger things cast
Credit: Netflix

Although Netflix already has millions of users around the world, it seems the company wants more. And this new offer may work. The streaming service will now allow non-subscribers to view popular content on Netflix for free, in order to attract new subscribers. This means Netflix is giving potential customers a taste of the amazing movies and series that is available on the platform. And you should see what people can watch without being a subscriber!

Even if you don’t have an account, these are the things you could be enjoying to see if you want to start paying for a monthly subscription. Bird Box, Murder Mystery, and Two Popes are available for many to enjoy. These are just some of the biggest hits on the platform in the last couple of years. And it’s not only films that potential clients could take a peek at, but there’s also series to choose from…

Bird box
Credit: Netflix

Yes, you read that right. Non-subscribers can watch episodes of Stranger Things, Elite, When They See Us, Love Is Blind, and Grace and Frankie to see if Netflix is the right service for them. During the pandemic, Netflix saw its numbers sky-rocket, with 26 million new subscribers joining the service. And with competition coming in thick in fast, Netflix only wants to increase this number. Will this mean people shun Disney+ or Apple TV and decide Netflix is the one for them?

This test will be available to all countries that the service currently runs in. That means over 200 countries can try out the service if they haven’t already. Tech Crunch report: “we’re looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience”. It is only available to Android users currently, meaning iOS users may have to wait a while. You can start streaming right away. This is too good to miss, especially if you are thinking of getting a Netflix account!

Murder mystery
Credit: Netflix

So if you are one of only a few people who doesn’t have Netflix (if so what have you been doing these past few months) then you can try out the sensational content available. Whether you want a comedy (Murder Mystery), a thrill (Bird Box), or to start a new fantasy series (Stranger Things) there’s plenty for you to enjoy!

Popular shows on Netflix for free, can’t go wrong with that!