Steve Carell Calls Leaving The Office ‘Emotional Torture’

Michael scott in the office
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Steve Carell has recalled leaving The Office. As many of us rewatch the sitcom over and over, Goodbye Michael, the saddest episode ever in Season 7, still hits us in the feels. But while fans of the show find it incredibly devastating that the actor left before the mockumentary ended, Carell has spoken out on how filming his last scenes were ’emotional torture’…

The comedian has recently opened up about his final moments on set, as the actor left in Season 7. Brian Baumgartner recently launched a podcast focusing on all things The Office. The Kevin actor’s recent episode of An Oral History of The Office featured Steve Carell to talk about his infamous character Michael Scott. The two touched on the actor’s departure, and it seems Carell struggled just as much as the fans!

Michael and pam saying goodbye
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As fans of the show will know, Michael leaves Dunder Mifflin to move to Colorado with the love of his life Holly. Shooting the episode has ’emotional repercussions’ for the comedy actor, as Carell explained “It was almost more than I bargained for. …I had scenes with everyone in the cast. And it was emotional torture. Because – imagine saying goodbye for a week”. It’s sad to think that Carell’s tears would have continued for a full week!

The actor continued: “It wasn’t, ‘See you later!’ and you wave and you’re out”. The moment is described as “fraught with emotion and joy and sadness and nostalgia. But it was also really beautiful. I treasure it. I treasure doing that episode because it did allow me to have a finality with everybody”. Can you imagine the tears on set? It’s heartbreaking even thinking about it!

The Office
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Although millions of fans appreciate that The Office carried on for another two seasons, ending in 2013 on its ninth season. Many do believe that the series should have ended with Steve Carell leaving The Office. What do you think?

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