Steve Carell Didn’t Want to Appear in The Office Finale

Michael scott in the office finale
Credit: NBC

Can you imagine The Office Finale without Michael Scott? No, neither can we! But that nearly did happen, as Steve Carell was unsure whether it was appropriate to bring back the World’s Best Boss for one last time! As fans of the sitcom will know, Michael Scott left in Season 7, while the show continued for another couple of years. As we’ve reported recently, the finale has been spoken about between the cast and crew, with announcements such as a deleted Jim Prank and an extra-long Kevin love story. But we could have potentially had a finale without the amazing Steve Carell making an appearance!

In Brian Baumgartner’s podcast An Oral History of The Office, Brian, alongside Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, discussed the final episode in detail. It seems it wasn’t just the audience that were surprised that Steve Carell returned, as it took some convincing to get the actor back. Carell suggested that he didn’t think “it’s a good idea because I felt like Michael’s story had definitely ended”. Thankfully, Carell changed his mind and returned to the finale.

Dwight holding a gun
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Check out the discussion below!

Brian Baumgartner:

Greg wanted the finale to be a giant family reunion, and any office reunion wouldn’t be complete without Steve Carell. And had that been in the works for a while, between you and Steve, or did you go to him and he immediately said, yes, I’ll come back?

Greg Daniels:

Well, I think he was really anxious that it not be all about him. Like he was like, everybody who put in these other two years, this is the end of the show. This is the end of all of their stories. I left, this isn’t all about me. So he didn’t want to do too much. Uh, and you know, he had thoughts on how, what would draw him back to the situation. And he really liked the idea of coming back for Dwight’s wedding. Like he thought the character learned something, so he didn’t need self-promotion. At this point, he didn’t need to come back to be on the documentary. He came back for his friend Dwight.

Brian Baumgartner:

Steve said there had to be a reason.

Steve Carell:

Because I had told Greg, I just don’t think it’s a good idea because I felt like Michael’s story had definitely ended. And I was reticent about coming back because you guys had two more, really valuable seasons and that was everyone else’s ending. Michael had already had his, so I just didn’t want to, but at the same time, I felt like I should out of respect for all of you guys and out of my love for everybody to, you know, to acknowledge the, uh, the ending of this thing.

Steve Carell in the final episode
Credit: NBC

Unlike Michael Scott, it seems Steve Carell didn’t want to take the shine away from his peers, as they continued with the show. We must agree, we love how Carell returned, as it was the perfect ending to everyone’s story. We’re so glad they decided to bring Michael Scott back – it brings a tear to our eye just thinking about it!

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