Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Inspired by Terry Crews

Terry crews
Credit: NBC; FOX

It seems Terry Jeffords and Terry Crews are much similar than we thought. While Crews may not be obsessed with Yogurt like his Brooklyn Nine-Nine character, there are some personality traits that have been brought onto the show. No, not his love of fitness. But actually, a particular nerdy fact that many people may not know about the actor…

It was recently revealed that a memorable storyline on the cop comedy was actually inspired by Terry Crews. And that is, his love for all things Star Wars. Talking to TV Guide, Crews revisited some of his best and funniest scenes on the sitcom. This is when he shocked us all with the information that a Season 4 episode was based on his passion for Star Wars. Skyfire Cycle follows Sergeant Jeffords investing death threats from a famous fantasy author. D.C Parlov’s books were based on Game of Thrones, but Terry’s nerdy fanboy side was channeled. The star’s obsession with Star Wars came in very handy!

Terry and jake in b99
Credit: NBC; FOX

Who knew he loved Star Wars?!

Speaking in the TV Guide interview, Crews believes that the writers used his geeky side for the show. Crews said: “One thing about the writers of our show is that they steal from our lives!”. He continued to talk about the moment he met Star Wars star Mark Hamill at the Oscars, who actually ended up starring on the show! Crews explains: “It was a total Skyfire Cycle moment. I think they really stole that experience and really built on what that was”. 

Crews also suggests that to get into character for Terry’s reaction to the famous author, he was inspired by his four year old son at the time. It seems the actor, along with the writers on the show, use real-life events to truly reflect what happens. With NBC currently working on episodes that discuss the Black Lives Matters Movement, it seems like a move in the right direction for B99. 

Terry and holt in b99
Credit: NBC; FOX

Given how good the episode was, it may be an idea to have more inspired by Terry Crews!

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