You Season 3 Production to Start Next Month

Joe from You
Credit: Netflix

Finally! Toxic people, we can all rejoice as our favorite show is coming back for another season. While it was intended for You Season 3 to head to Netflix in December of this year, the coronavirus pandemic pushed production back. But finally, filming can recommence in Autumn, yay!

An insider has confirmed that You is scheduled to return to production in the next month or so. Filming began earlier in the year, as the streaming service intended for You Season 3 to hit at Christmas time. While the third installment was put on hold, it meant tons of fans speculated about what’s to come for the new season. And the show’s co-creator has given us some amazing hints…

Joe and love from You
Credit: Netflix

What should we expect?

Sera Gamble has dropped some wonderful inklings for the upcoming season, causing us to be even more excited! Gamble suggests that “there’s lots to come” in regards to the mystery neighbor we see at the end of season 2. Fan theories have suggested that this could be Joe Goldberg’s mom! We don’t think we can deal with that level of crazy! Joe, Love, and his mother living on the same street! And throw in a baby in the mix!

During a virtual chat with Penn Badgley, who plays serial killer Joe Golberg, discussed moments on the show and that shocking cliffhanger. Badgley asks Gamble whether she can offer any spoilers for You Season 3. He says: “I want to ask you about what we’re going to do here but you can’t really tell us”. But Gamble did respond about the anonymous neighbor, as she indicated: “It’s pretty obvious when we were filming this that we were careful not to show too much of her because that role hasn’t technically been cast yet. But there’s lots to come with that neighbor”. With filming resuming soon, we will have to keep our eyes peeled to see who plays the mystery lady next door!

Joe from You walking down the road
Credit: Netflix

We’re so glad filming is back on track!

Fans can’t stop creating theories about the You Season 3, but thankfully we should soon get answers. Will Ellie make a return? Can Joe and Love really live a peaceful life? And of course, who the hell is next door? Thank god filming starts again next month!