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7 Hidden Details You Missed In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hidden Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s a show we have loved since it first hit our screens back in 2013. But we think no matter how many times you’ve seen each Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, you will have missed some of these hidden details!

1. They receive some very interesting emails

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Email Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Just a normal looking inbox of emails? Not quite, the top two emails are from a Detective D. Goor and Sergeant M. Schur. This is reference to the show’s co-creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

2. Another reason not to get on the wrong side of Gina

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gina Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So it turns out Gina has a darker sense of humour than we thought, positioned on her desk next to a Bonsai Tree is a jar labelled ‘Ashes of Problem Employees’. It’s a pretty prominent running joke that Gina is not a force to be reckoned with but this is a little dark.

3. Jake and Amy’s desk picture isn’t what it seems

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake and Amy Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The picture appears to be of lovebirds Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago however the image is taken from Melissa Fumero’s Instagram account. It’s a nice touch and allows for a natural photo that they could use on set.

4. CJ left his bongos behind

Brooklyn Nine-Nine C.J Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It looks like Captain C.J left in a bit of hurry, you can clearly see his bongos displayed behind Holt’s desk. This could be a nice metaphor to show how C.J’s rule over the precinct is behind them! Or Holt just liked the bongos enough to display them.

5. Holt does indeed sleep like a Vampire

Holt Sleeping Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In Season 4, Holt describes the only acceptable sleeping positions, in Season 4 we see him demonstrating one of these positions. However we too are going to be a bit of a ‘Holt’ and point out that technically only his fingers are crossed and not his arms… we’ll let him off this time.

6. Holt has a very secure lunch box

Holt Sandwich
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In the first Halloween Heist, we can see Holt open his safe which has a very neatly stored sandwich inside.

7. Boyle kept his furry companions

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boyle Dogs Details
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In Season 1 we see Captain Holt gift Boyle two puppies following his accident. Fast forward to Season 2 and we see those two puppies grown up when Boyle asks Jake to wash them.

Well it seems that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a very keen eye for the finer, hidden details. If you enjoyed this, why not take our quiz and find out which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character you are.