Adam Sandler Signs Up To Netflix Space Movie

Adam Sandler
Credit: apnews

The King of Netflix is back making more movies for the streaming service, and we can’t wait! Adam Sandler has created some amazing content over the years for Netflix. Comedies including Murder Mystery and Hubie Halloween have proven to be huge hits for the platform, meaning the comedy actor has been asked to continue making the films the fans love. With this being said, his newest one is set to be very different… 

The Spaceman of Bohemia will be coming to Netflix in the future. And while we are all used to the slapstick comedy that Sandler brings, it seems the space movie won’t be like this. For the first time in his career, the actor will be playing an astronaut. The project is set to show Sandler’s serious side, something we rarely see the actor do. Uncut Gems did receive rave reviews. Could this be Sandler’s new thing?!

Murder Mystery
Credit: Netflix
The space movie is set to be different to Sandler’s usual work…

Deadline first reported that Adam Sandler had signed on to the book adaptation by Jaroslav Kalfar. Spaceman of Bohemia will be directed by Johan Renck, known for HBO series Chernobyl. The movie will focus on an astronaut who is sent near Venus in space to collect samples of intergalactic dust. Everyone believes the mission could be life-threatening. But the astronaut wants to prove to his family and the world that it can be done. 

The Sandler film is set to be a tear-jerker, as the astronaut falls into a depressive state when he finds out over video call that his wife is leaving him. We’re not ready! The actor has been applauded in recent months, a his projects have been hugely successful. Sandler is also working on a basketball film alongside Queen Latifah and Robert Duvall. It seems he can do no wrong as he dips his toes into a number of genres. Sandler has suddenly become Netflix’s cash cow!

No release date has even confirmed for The Spaceman of Bohemia. With recent restrictions and safety precautions, production may be a bit longer than usual. Netflix will be full of the actor’s face in no time!