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Netflix Gives An Entire Country Two-Day Free Subscription

A man holding a remote towards a tv with netflix
Credit: Unsplash

The hugely popular streaming service is offering two days of un-capped Netflix free subscription.

The move is being called ‘StreamFest’ and will replace the 30 day free trial option. The feature is starting in India and will begin on December 4th. As reported by The Verge, the new marketing strategy is to encourage new customers to the platform. Having the free trial easily accessible for two days at a time.

Netflix offering a free trial
Credit: Netflix

Sounds great! However The feature is currently only confirmed for India with no word on whether we will be seeing this in other countries. A Netflix spokesperson said this to The Verge: “We’re always looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience”.

We can assume that the free trial won’t be constrained to one per customer. This would mean that anyone can join in with the two free days even if you have done it previously.

This could this be the edge that Netflix need to win customers over from other sites. However, according to Indiewire the average person is logged onto four streaming services in LA. This would suggest that those who already subscribe to a service will pay for Netflix as well rather than leave another. So will it work?

Who knows, we might be seeing ‘StreamFest’ a lot more in the future! But only if the decision is made to offer the Netflix free subscription to more regions.

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