Netflix Might Remove ‘Are You Still Watching?’ Message

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done seen this message “Are You Still Watching?” after a long binge of your favorite new show. It fills us with guilt and the answer to the question is always ‘YES I AM’. But it seems Netflix might remove the ‘Are You Still Watching?’ message!

Although Netflix is probably just trying to make sure we haven’t fallen asleep while watching back-to-back episodes it can get really annoying if the remote is on the other side of the room.

Credit: Netflix

Well, it turns out Netflix hears our cries and they are trialing a feature where you can turn the message off. Happy days! A Netflix spokesperson was interview by The Verge and said that the function is still in beta and it’s not yet known if it will be rolled out around the world… Fingers crossed!

People have been posting on social media images of the new feature. Here’s how it works; Netflix will now give you 3 options when you receive the dreaded question ‘Ask Again Later’, ‘Play Without Asking Again’, and ‘I’m Done’. Meaning you can turn off the feature and say goodbye to that horrible question.

People are already taking to Twitter to give their thoughts on the new feature and everyone is a fan! One person saying “I would be a fan of them fixing it to activate at the end of a show or the very start and not partway into the start of the next episode.” sounds like an even better idea! You listening Netflix?

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix has already announced they’re busy working on a ‘Shuffle Button‘ and some users are already seeing it active on their accounts. This new feature will make it easier for users to randomly choose an episode to watch. The shuffle feature is a great tool to use if you are wanting to start a new series.

Let’s be honest we all need the feature TODAY.  So far, it’s available on Samsung and Fire TVs so far so see if you have the new update!

Credit Netflix
The company is also looking to trial out new cheaper subscriptions!

If your a fan of watching on mobile or in standard definition this could be great news for you. Lots of exciting things come to the best website ever made.