Netflix Poll Reveals Stranger Things As The Best Series

Eleven in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has a ton of choices when it comes to series and films, making it difficult to choose which is our favorite. LADbible recently released a survey, asking Netflix users what they believed the streaming service best series was. While there was some tough competition, Stranger Things reigned champion! We just can’t get enough of the gang fighting off them demogorgons!

Users were asked which show from Netflix was their favorite, ensuring that the series had a minimum of two seasons. The poll received nearly 10,000 votes, as Netflix subscribers had their say on which shows made their top 10 list. In the first round, GLOW, Sex Education, Schitt’s Creek and Stranger Things were pitted against each other. And of course, the sci-fi series came out with 53.7 percent of the vote! But how well did it do against some of the biggest shows?

Netflix shows and content
Credit: Netflix

There were tons more shows that, although fantastic in their own right, didn’t make the final round in the LADbible poll. These include Better Call Saul, The Umbrella Academy, Orange is the New Black and Mindhunter. The final four series to be crowned the ultimate series were Ozark, Afterlife, Narcos and Stranger Things. The final results revealed Stranger Things as king, with 33.9% of the vote! Ricky Gervais’ dark comedy Afterlife nearly stole the crown with 27.8%, but we just love Eleven and her friends too much!

The Stranger Things cast are currently filming their fourth season, after the coronavirus pandemic halted production back in March. And boy has their been some changes! With the Duffer Brothers promising more seasons, and some brand new faces including Maya Hawke’s brother joining the cast, the new season is set to be epic! 

The cast of Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

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