Netflix’s American Murder Becomes Most-Watched Documentary

American murder
Credit: Netflix

American Murder has been everyone’s latest obsession. The true-crime documentary film has had everyone shocked to the core. This is because it focuses on a 2018 murder that is beyond hard to believe. While American Murder: The Family Next Door hasn’t been on the streaming service for very long, it has already become the most-watched documentary feature.

The documentary covers the case of the Watts family killings. American Murder focuses on Chris Watts, who brutally murdered Shannan, his pregnant wife, and his two young daughters he shared with Shanna. While he denied having anything to do with their disappearance, the film shows the aftermath of Chris admitting the crime and what followed after. So much so that viewing figures highlight that it is the best performing documentary for Netflix ever.

A tweet about the American Murder
Credit: Twitter

Netflix announced the news on Twitter…

52 million users tuned into the documentary in just the first month of it airing on Netflix, an amazing statistic. It’s believed that Chris Watts killed his wife and children to be with his other girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger. The documentary captures the run-up to their deaths, with one quote sticking with Netflix users. Shannan Watts quotes in the film:

“I can’t tell you guys how much I am blessed”. Heartbreaking.

Documentaries have proven to be a popular genre on Netflix, especially in 2020. The Social Dilemma is another documentary film that subscribers have flocked to watch. Many even deemed the insightful drama as ‘disturbing‘. The docuseries Tiger King is still yet to be beaten, as the 8 part true-crime series was viewed 64 million times. It seems we are major fans of factual content now.

The Watts family
Credit: Netflix

Sources suggest that Chris Watts has now become a high-profile inmate, with prisoners asking questions about the case. As everyone learns about the murder, it seems we all have questions.