Netflix’s Away Canceled After One Season

Swank in Away
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has been pretty brutal in recent months, as Away has become the latest series to be canceled by the streaming service. The space drama only dropped on the platform a month ago, but it seems one season is enough for Netflix, as they’ve decided not to commission more episodes…

Away, starring Hilary Swank, is the second outerspace series that crash-landed on Netflix just this year. With comedy Space Force proving a hit, many had high hopes for Away. This was sadly not the case though. 

IMDb describes Away as: 

An American astronaut struggles with leaving her husband and daughter behind to embark on a dangerous mission with an international space crew.

Netflix’s Away
Credit: Netflix

The streaming service takes many factors into consideration when deciding to continue with more series. In recent months, many series has fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic, with Netflix Originals such as Glow canceled as scenes would have been difficult to film because they are physically intimate. There seems to be some confusion though as to why Away has been axed by Netflix…

Fans of Away were adamant that the series would be renewed for another season. When the first season dropped last month, viewership soared as the series spend several weeks at the Top 10 list. Streaming viewership rankings were also positive, as Away peaked at No. 2 in it’s first week of release, remaining there for quite some time. It seems cost is a vital issue, but Netflix are yet to release a statement.

Space series Away
Credit: Netflix

So sad news for lovers of Away. Swank was applauded for her role, where her and her crew had to deal with missing their loved ones back at home. Away has joined tons of content canceled by Netflix. The company is also removing popular shows like The Office in 2021. What a bad year people!