New Bond Movie Could Head Straight To Netflix

James bond
Credit: MGM

Netflix has basically become the home of entertainment for millions around the world. And while we could be seeing more cinemas close in the future, this means movies will now have to find a new place to be viewed by fans. Blockbuster series James Bond has been pushed back a number of times due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while the film has again been postponed to 2021, No Time to Die may not hit theatres after all…

Streaming services have recently been looking into purchasing the upcoming movie. Netflix and Apple have explored acquiring the Daniel Craig film, as the movie is yet to be released by MGM. In fact, the studio has reported to have lost nearly $50 million due to delays. This means Apple or Netflix purchasing No Time to Die could save the movie altogether…

James bond on twitter
Credit: Twitter
An MGM spokesperson told Variety this:

“We do not comment on rumors. The film is not for sale. The film’s release has been postponed until April 2021 in order to preserve the theatrical experience for moviegoers”. With this being said, insiders suggest that there’s a possibility that the movie could hit streaming services, especially after the recent success Netflix has seen. No Time to Die is looking for a pretty high fee though. MGM is said to want $600 million for the new bond movie. Pocket change for Netflix!

While many still believe that James Bond will remain on cinema screens, it isn’t impossible for the crime thriller to hit a streaming service. This year has seen a number of projects heading to Netflix, Disney Plus, and other companies. Mulan headed straight to Disney+ for a fee. While Tom Hanks spoke about his frustrations with his movie Greyhound heading straight to AppleTV+. The pandemic has caused a shift in the movie industry. And if things don’t change soon, subscription services could be the only way we watch new movies…

James Bond
Credit: MGM

With the film costing more than $250 million to produce, the makers behind No Time to Die may have to make a decision soon. The Bond movie has several promotional partnerships also lined up, including Land Rover and Heineken. Could No Time to Die heading to Netflix or Apple cause a problem with this? What do you think? Does Bond belong in cinemas rather than the streaming world?