People Are Going Wild Over This Charles Boyle Discovery

Charles Boyle
Credit: NBC; FOX

Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine are full of hidden Easter eggs and jokes that may take fans a while to understand. Much beloved character Charles Boyle has many distinct traits, including the ability to cook and not let anything get in his way when it comes to his love for Jake. But B99 fans are going wild after discovering this fact about the main man himself!

Way back in season 6, Joe Lo Truglio’s character states this: “My cousin, Susan, didn’t know she could sing until her late forties…”. Innocent right? Well the quote was uploaded to the sitcom’s subreddit, and fans have just realised that Charles Boyle was referring to! Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Britain’s Got Talent have a connection, as Charles claims that his cousin is in fact Susan Boyle!

Susan Boyle
Credit: ITV

The Scottish singer blew everyone away over 11 years ago now Britains Got Talent. Susan Boyle shocked the world. Simon Cowell, along with millions of us, jumped to conclusions as she walked on stage. The singer has now has worldwide success, still selling out tours and making her voice heard. But who would have thought that the show would write her in as a relative to Charles Boyle?! 

Fans are shook as they didn’t pick up on this line when the episode first aired. On the subreddit, it suggested that the ‘amazing joke went over too many people’s head when they first watched it’. And they are right! As many die hard fans are now realising that the cop comedy was referring to the Scottish star, many are now speculating that she could even appear on the sitcom! 

Charles and Terry from b99
Credit: NBC; FOX

With new episodes scrapped and season 8 dropping next year, Susan Boyle could become the new star of the show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently had to deal with some controversy, as people were calling for the comedy to focus on the grittier side of the police force. It looks like in the future they will be doing so, as the cast have mentioned there are big changes coming.