Rainn Wilson Says This is His Favorite Dwight Moment

Dwight from The Office
Credit: NBC

Many people will agree that Rainn Wilson’s character Dwight is one of the most stand out performances of any comedy ever! Dwight Schrute has more hilarious moments in the sitcom over any other character (well maybe up there with Michael Scott). From accusing Ryan of starting the fire to actually starting a blaze in Fire Drill, Dwight is the one everyone remembers from the mockumentary. While fans have their own personal favourites from the show, what does Rainn Wilson think the best moment is?

The actor revealed which scene he felt beats the rest from NBC’s The Office. Wilson played Dwight for 9 seasons, as he spends the entire show attempting to become regional manager. That and of course trying to outwit Jim’s pranks. While recently promoting his new show Utopia, Wilson had this to say about his all-time favorite moment…

Dwight and Jim in The Office
Credit: NBC

In the Collider interview, Wilson said this:

“Yeah, I really love the moment in the episode called “Money,” where he’s heartbroken and he’s taken Jim and Pam to his bed and breakfast. There’s a moment when he’s really emotional and Jim gives him some words of kindness and empathy, and then he doesn’t notice it but Jim has left. He reaches out and Jim’s not there and he looks around. To me, that moment perfectly encapsulated what we did on The Office. It’s a Chekhovian, priceless little human misconnection that was really special.”

The Season 4 moment is adored by millions of fans. This is because I t is one of the only interactions where Jim and Dwight appreciate their friendship together. It is also one of the only times Jim offers some love advice rather than mocking Dwight. Many fans may also be shocked that this moment has beat the Dwight and Michaels’ reunion. In the final episode, Jim pranks Dwight one last time and brings the old friends back together. As Wilson suggests, while it isn’t a major moment, it ‘captures the brilliance of The Office’, as we get to see the beloved character exposed and raw. 

Dwight marrying angela
Credit: NBC

It seems we really just can’t get enough of The Office, even years after the show ended. Rainn Wilson has also recently spoken about this with Steve Carell on his Instagram show. The actors were in disbelief that the sitcom has had a new wave of audience, with more people learning to love the show. We also must agree with Wilson – when Dwight reaches out to Jim for a hug it really melts out hearts. The Office will forever be elite!