Stranger Things Star Says New Season Will Be ‘A While’

The ST cast
Credit: Netflix

Fans of Stranger Things will be disappointed with this news, as the new season won’t be coming for quite some time. The fourth season of the Netflix Original is currently being filmed. But while this got us very excited, that doesn’t necasrrily mean new episodes will be coming any time soon. Natalia Dyer, the actress who plays Nancy in the sci-fi series, has clarified the timeline…

The cast and crew rejoined for season 4 way back in February. Fans were teased with a Valentine’s railer, which highlighted that Hopper was in fact alive. Then writers posted that the gang was back together in March, reading the script for the much-anticipated new season. But the coronavirus pandemic halted everything, meaning production has only recently restarted. Speaking to The Independent, Dyer said the fourth season will be premiering long into the future on Netflix…

Mike in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

The actress said this:

“Honestly, the scripts are great. Every time we end a season, we all think, ‘Where is this going to go? Where can this possibly go?’ Then we get the scripts for the next season and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, wow, like, wow! It’s going to be really big. It’s going to be big!”. When asked about details for the new season, Dyer explained that it would be quite some time be it would “definitely be worth it”. We doubt it will disappoint!

While it looks like it could be another year before the new season heads to the streaming service, fans are finally getting a glimpse into what’s to come. Joe Keery, Maya Hawke and others were spotted filming in Atlanta recently. Maya Hawke’s brother has also joined the cast as one of four new characters. New episode titles have also been revealed, check them out here!

Nancy and Steve from Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

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