Susan Boyle Suggests A Potential Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cameo

Charles Boyle with his family
Credit: NBC; FOX

We recently reported that Brooklyn Nine-Nine featured a Susan Boyle joke that so many of us didn’t spot. In Season 6, Charles Boyle makes a joke in reference to his cousin: “My cousin Susan didn’t know she could sing until her late 40s”. A recent subreddit went wild as fans noticed that he was actually talking about the Britain’s Got Talent superstar. But it doesn’t stop there, because future seasons could now see the Scottish singer featuring in the sitcom!

The I Dreamed A Dream singer is mentioned when Captain Holt and Charles Boyle mention their respective family trees. While the episode aired a number of years ago, Brooklyn Nine Nine fans are now catching on to the subtle joke. Due to it being resurfaced, it seems even Susan Boyle knows about the iconic moment. And good news everyone. Susan Boyle has suggested that she would love to appear on the cop comedy to reunite the ‘cousins’!

Susan Boyle
Credit: ITV

A source close to Susan Boyle suggested to The Metro that:

“Susan didn’t notice the mention at first either, but when it clicked, she was absolutely thrilled. She’d love to do a cameo if she was ever offered the opportunity”. With Season 8 episodes currently being written by the creators of the show, an idea like this could mean the sensation could be written onto the show! Our minds are already going wild with the potential storylines!

Could Charles Boyle secretly be an amazing singer as well as a cook? Who knows, but this is something Brooklyn Nine-Nine definitely needs. With the show recently brought into the spotlight due to the Black Lives Matter Movement, this could be just what the sitcom needs to lift everyone’s spirit. Not forgetting that future episodes will also focus on important topics. Andre Braugher even implied that Season 8 could have grittier stories. 

Charles talking about Susan
Credit: Reddit

So Susan Boyle could make a cameo appearance in the future. We’d love to know what you think B99 would do with this storyline!