The Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes According to IMDb

The b99 cast
Credit: NBC; FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has too many episodes that have us all laughing for days! Choosing which are the best would probably be a task, so IMDb has done it for us! With 7 seasons to pick from, there are many episodes that would probably make our personal favorites list. Check out what IMDb believes is the best!

The Box – 9.5 IMDb Rating

‘Jake and Holt spend all night trying to get a confession out of a suspect’.

Possibly the show’s most unique episode, reminding us that although Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy, it is also a cop show. The full episode focuses on an interrogation, starring Sterling K. Brown. We can see why this episode made the top spot – and Brown was even nominated for an Emmy for it!

HalloVeen – 9.5 IMDb Rating

The Nine-Nine has their fifth annual Halloween heist, and everyone has until midnight to claim the title of “Amazing Human/Genius”‘.

Fans of the sitcom will know that the Halloween episodes are where each character shines, with their true detective skills coming into play! Everybody has this own unique plan to win the heist. But of course, no one expects Jake to propose to Amy! They make our hearts melt!

Lights Out – 9.3 IMDb Rating

‘The entire squad is on high alert when a massive blackout hits Brooklyn’.

While we’re all sad that new seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are only short, fans adored the last finale, heading straight to IMDb’s top 10 list! Jake and Amy get to finally enjoy the moment they’ve been waiting for (and all of us too). Holt and Terry are also applauded in the episode, with fans saying their scenes are just too funny!

Cinco de Mayo – 9.2 IMDb Rating

‘In order to distract Terry from the stress of his upcoming lieutenant’s exam, Jake, Holt and the squad decide to hold the annual Halloween Heist on a new date, Cinco de Mayo’.

Another Halloween Heist makes the list, this time the team try to act as a distraction for Terry. Cinco de Mayo has been deemed as one of the craziest Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, as wires are crossed and the jokes keep coming. And seeing Terry in head to toe gold is comedy (gold).

Jake & Amy – 9.2 IMDb Rating

The squad rushes to save Jake and Amy’s wedding day from a major threat‘.

The episode fans were all waiting in anticipation for – the day we would get to see Jake and Amy finally tie the not. But not before a bunch of problems nearly ruins the day. The chaos it what makes this episode truly brilliant. Fun fact – FOX cancelled the shoe shortly after this episode aired. Fans loved it that much that NBC picked it up the day after FOX cancelled it. Did Jake and Amy save the show?!

Suicide Squad – 9.1 IMDb Rating

Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, as Jake, Holt, Amy, Terry, Rosa, and Charles must ally themselves with old enemies‘.

The precinct have to look past their hatred for past colleagues, as they all have to work together to crack a case. The season 6 finale sees Holt doing what he does best, as the jabs come in thick and fast as Wuntch returns. “Madeline I didn’t see you there, I thought you were an old leather chair” could be our personal favorite.

Do you agree? Do you think these are the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes? We’d love to know your thoughts. Check out what IMDb claim is the worst B99 episode here.