The Most Popular Office Scenes According to YouTube

The office gathering round a computer
Credit: NBC

The Office fans will more than likely have watched these scenes a million times on YouTube themselves. The hugely popular mockumentary is driven by certain stand out moments, that even people who haven’t seen the show will have watched! But which scenes are the most popular according to YouTube? Check out which scenes are everybody’s favorite from The Office!

First Aid Fail – 28 million views

We all knew this one would be number one! The office are trained in first aid, as Stanley suffers a heart attack. But we all know Scranton don’t do things by half! As the first aid trainer attempt to teach the office how to deal with the situation, everyone breaks out into song and dance. Oh and not forgetting Dwight’s terrifying Hannibal Lecter moment! First Aid Fail will remain the best scene of any show ever!

Fire Drill – 21 million views

From the same episode, Fire Drill was also a must for making the list of most popular scenes on YouTube. Dwight sets the office up to see how they would react to a real-life crisis. Dwight sets up traps so that everyone panics, but not even Dwight himself expected this to happen! From printers flying out the window to Angela throwing her cat through the ceiling, this one will have you crying laughing from start to finish.

Best Intro Ever – 10 million views

Season 7 starts off with a bang with this one! Everyone comes together for what it says – the Best Intro Ever! Seeing everyone come together for sing-song and a dance really warms out hearts. Especially as it’s Michael Scott’s last season. Does it ever creep anyone out when Meredith flashes though?!

Jim and Dwight’s Party Planning – 9.4 million views

This scene continues to be recreated by die-hard office fans. From birthdays to gender reveals, everybody loves to recreate Jim and Dwight’s attempts at throwing a party. That is everyone except Kelly. After Jim and Dwight forget her birthday, they attempt to make it up to her by throwing a *mediocre* party. We wish our work offered an hour’s sleep or an hour of TV on our birthdays!

Parkour – 9.4 million views

The cold open that so many of us love. Watching Dwight, Michael, and Andy attempt to recreate the phenomenon is fantastic. It’s just a shame they haven’t really grasped the concept. The episode starts with the trio jumping from chair to chair, until they truly step it up outside. It’s just a shame Andy didn’t think that last jump through.

Jan’s Boob Job – 8.6 million views

A classic. Michael wants to split up with Jan, with the women of the office helping him every step of the way. But his attempts are ruined as Jan flashes her chest with brand new boobs. As you all know, this changes Michael’s mind completely. thank god for Jan’s new boobs, we may have never had the Dinner Party episode!

Michael Scott Sensitivity Training – 8.2 million views

When the whole office mocks Michael for falling into the Koi Pond, he sets up a conference to ensure he isn’t teased again. By doing this, he asks everyone else what their insecurity is. And of course, there is some amazing moments. From Dwight’s small nose to Meredith sleeping with a terrorist, we can see why this is one of the top most watched The Office YouTube moments!

The Password – 7.9 million views

It’s something we all struggle with. Remembering a password can prove to be quite a task. Not for Dunder Mifflin. They have a great system for remembering a forgotten password, tracking down who the technician was and what he liked. Big Boobz is as secure as it comes.

How to get people to work harder – 7.9 million views

Andy’s genius idea backfires massively. To get the office to work harder, he implements a point system, with points equaling prizes. Jim up to his usual ways comes up with a way to trick Andy into getting a tattoo done. Amazing!

Prison Mike – 7.8 million views

And finally, Prison Mike made the top 10 most popular The Office YouTube Scenes. And rightly so, this could be our favorite Michael Scott alter-ego! As the office complains about work feeling like prison, Prison Mike reminds them all why working at Dunder Mifflin isn’t so bad. It’s just a shame Michael didn’t put much research into what happens in prison – he must have been distracted by a Harry Potter novel!

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