The Office Smashes Netflix Top 10 List

The Office cast
Credit: NBC

The Office has been a favorite of millions for quite some years now. While the show ended over 7 years ago, Netflix viewers just can’t get enough of the show. So much so in fact, that it has broken records on Netflix as it has hit the Top 10 list more than any other show in 2020. We just can’t get enough can we!

Sadly, The Office US is leaving in 2021, which could be one reason why the NBC sitcom has smashed records when it comes to the streaming service’s algorithm. The mockumentary has made the top 10 list 135 different times just in 2020 alone. And the year isn’t even over! It makes us wonder, why is Netflix getting rid of The Office when it’s so popular!

Netflix top 10 list
Credit: Netflix

This may come as a shock to people, as Netflix has dropped some amazing content this year. While millions of us around the world have been stuck at home, Netflix provided a ton of stellar entertainment to keep us occupied. And while Netflix Original’s have been hitting the top 10 list, The Office has managed to continuously pop up. Avatar: The Last Airbender has hit the daily top 10 list 61 times, coming second to The Office. That is a serious achievement from the sitcom!

While The Office has stormed Netflix’s algorithm, the series has had some serious competition from the company’s newest content. Cobra Kai, Tiger King, Ozark, The Umbrella Academy and Outer Banks are just a few of the biggest shows of this year. Space Force also became a hit for Netflix, with Steve Carell and Greg Daniels coming together for a new project. But while the comedy has been commissioned for another season, it still hasn’t beaten the likes of The Office!

Michael Scott from The Office
Credit: NBC

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