Unseen Jim Pranks That Didn’t Make The Office

Jim from the office
Credit: NBC

Jim Halpert is good at so many things, but pranks are probably what he is best at. Throughout all 9 seasons of The Office, we watch one of Scranton’s best salesman trick other people. Well, mainly Dwight. While Jim’s prancing ability is highlighted nearly every episode, there are some pranks that didn’t make the cut…

The Office is full of hilarious moments throughout it’s nine years. But what many fans will agree on is the memorable scenes usually include some sort of Jim Prank. From imitating Dwight to the jello stapler, vital moments will normally have Jim pranking someone from The Office. While there are too many Jim pranks to even count, there were actually meant to be more included in the sitcom! Check out the deleted Jim pranks below!

There is so many we haven’t seen!

As you can see from the video above, tons of Jim pranks didn’t make the cut. And we are gutted many of them didn’t! Many of you may have already seen the deleted prank of Jim scaring Dwight with the pop-up video, but others came as a shock to us and fans around the world. Part 2 of seeing whether Stanley notices any changes was cut, one of the best pranks from the show! But there is one prank we are glad didn’t make the episodes…

Fans of the show have been debating for quite some years about Jim’s love life. By now we all know that he lives a happy life with Pam. But their relationship wasn’t smooth sailing. From Karen to Kathy, Jim had his fair share of female attention. And one deleted scene highlights that there could have been more! One of the deleted pranks shows Jim taking over Jordan’s list, where Dwight asks the intern to jot down anything she notices around the office. While this is amazing, because we get to see Dwight freak out over a possible mega-volcano, it also includes a little crush. Jordan expresses her admiration for ‘the funny guy’ in the office, meaning there could have been another speed bump in Pam’s and Jim’s relationship if it weren’t cut! Phew!

Jordan from the office
Credit: NBC

So there you have it, there were even more pranks filmed but sadly didn’t make the cut! What do you think, should NBC have kept them in?