Andy Samberg Says B99 Will Handle More Current Events

Andy Samberg in b99
Credit: NBC; Fox

Brooklyn Nine-Nine hit the headlines this year, with people calling for the comedy to change its approach after the Black Lives Matter Movement. The light-hearted sitcom has barely touched upon police brutality. Season 4’s Moo Moo focuses on Terry’s storyline, as he talks about racism that occurs daily. Other than this, B99 has never focused on current events. Detective Jake Peralta actor Andy Samberg has announced that that is about to change…

Season 8 will be airing next year, giving writers the time to focus on new and up-to-date storylines. The show also decided to scrap new Season 7 episodes, meaning Brooklyn Nine-Nine will more than likely see a shift. The US sitcom will now focus directly on the real world. Samberg has explained what fans should expect in the future.

Jake, amy, rosa and charles in Brooklyn Nine Nine
Credit: NBC; Fox
Speaking to Variety, Andy Samberg said:

“The challenge is going to be being honest about what is going on in the world and not shying away from the fact that there are serious problems, and also not punishing viewers who like our show and care about our characters. Our characters need to examine their roles in the world. They’re going to be forced to look in the mirror and see who they’re complicit with. I think it’s important for us and for anyone watching our show to keep in mind if we’re looking for a half-hour comedy show to be the ones to solve this problem, we’re in trouble. Our job is pointing out that stuff isn’t getting done right and spreading the word that we’re hopeful that it can get better”.

While the show will attempt to present the police force in a more ‘authentic way’, it won’t lose its ‘comic overtones’. And Samberg isn’t the only Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor to speak out about the future of the comedy. Andre Braugher also recently spoke out to say:

Cops breaking the law to quote, ‘defend the law,’ is a real terrible slippery slope. It has given license to the breaking of law everywhere, justified it and excused it. That’s something that we’re going to have to collectively address — all cop shows”.

Andy samberg in b99
Credit: NBC; Fox