Enola Holmes Producers Finally Respond To Lawsuit Controversy

Enola Holmes
Credit: Netflix

The controversy surrounding Enola Holmes hasn’t yet ended, as the producers have finally responded to the lawsuit that could have ruined the movie! Before the Netflix Original had even aired, the company was slapped with a lawsuit. It claimed that Enola Holmes had infringed copyright laws. It also suggested that the film violated the trademark that a number of parties had put in place. While The Conan Doyle Estate has been pretty vocal about their disappointment, the producers have remained silent. Until now…

The film, starring Millie Bobby Brown, follows Enola Holmes as she attempts to track down her mother after she disappears without a trace. With the help of her infamous brother, her and Sherlock Holmes use their detective skills to find where she is hiding. The lawsuit suggests that the movie portrays Sherlock Holmes as a different version of the original character. Viewers will have noticed that Sherlock, played by Henry Cavill, has a softer side. In comparison to previous depictions of the detective, Cavill plays Sherlock much warmer. And The Conan Doyle Estate did not like that!

Enola and sherlock holmes
Credit: Netflix

Producers have now responded to the allegations made towards them, as they believe the lawsuit surrounding Enola Holmes isn’t fair. They have suggested that the writer’s estate is trying to prevent creators from using the ‘iconic detective’ in projects. The producer’s attorney has even gone as far as to say that feelings, emotions, and personality traits cannot be protected. Therefore Enola Holmes isn’t breaking any rules.

The attorney Nicolas Jampol said this:

“In this case, even if the Emotion Trait and Respect Trait were original to copyright-protected works, which they are not, they are unprotectable ideas. Copyright law does not allow the ownership of generic concepts like warmth, kindness, empathy, or respect, even as expressed by a public domain character – which, of course, belongs to the public, not Plaintiff. The character Sherlock Holmes, as expressed in more than fifty works across the decades, has fallen into the public domain and now belongs to the public”.

Enola holmes
Credit: Netflix

It looks like the producers of Enola Holmes aren’t going down without a fight. Enola Holmes proved to be a popular piece of content on Netflix. The film remained in the top 10 list for a number of weeks, with critics also loving the movie. We will have to wait and see what happens next…