I’m A Celeb Fans Accuse Beverley Callard of LYING About Veganism

Ben in the eating trial
Credit: ITV

I’m A Celebrity fans don’t miss a trick, and this week they are pretty furious! Beverley Callard has explained on the show that she is now Vegan, after choosing to no longer eat anything from an animal back in March. The Corrie actress even joked to Ant and Dec that she hasn’t been part of the Vegan lifestyle for long. But while viewers had to adapt to a different kind of eating trial, including fermented plums and tofu, fans are now calling Callard out for not sticking to her own rules!

Wednesday night’s show watched AJ and Jessica win a snack for the celebrities. They had the choice to take sweet popcorn or bread and butter back to the castle. The celebs cheered when the pair walked in with the bread and butter. But fans are baffled to see Callard eating the bread and butter, despite claiming she follows a Vegan diet. Only the previous night did fans find out that Bev stuck to a Vegan diet, and now people think she could be lying!

Bev in IAC
Credit: ITV

Tons of viewers took to social media to rant about their confusion about the 63-year-old star. One wrote “Why is Beverley Callard eating butter thought she was a vegan?” while another asked “A vegan who can’t eat animal parts during a challenge but can eat butter?”. People aren’t happy with the mixed messages they are receiving!

Other fans weren’t so polite when questioning Bev’s choices. Callard was joined by Vernon Kay and Jordan North in the stomach-churning eating trial on Tuesday Night. And while Bev by no means had it ‘easy’, people believe she now may have lied to producers.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Ridiculous that @Beverleycallard gets special treatment because she’s a vegan – if you sign up for something you should have to all participate in everything. No special treatment”.

Another wrote: “The producers trying to figure out why Bev is eating bread and butter when she’s meant to be vegan”.

Bev eating a vegan diet
Credit: ITV

Only time will tell whether Bev will stick to a vegan diet throughout the show. We’re sure eagle-eyed viewers will be sure to call the actress out if she slips up again!