I’m A Celeb Fans Furious Over Missing Scene

Jessica and AJ
Credit: ITV

It was a catty episode last night, with insults thrown left-right, and centre. But fans of I’m A Celebrity are also pretty annoyed as the show missed an important scene that would have pieced together the puzzle. Monday night’s episode watched AJ and Jessica take part in the bushtucker trial. The pair struggled, receiving 6 stars for their efforts. While people were quick to point out this was the poorest celebrities have done this year, it was the conversations after that had everyone talking…

Viewers of the 2020 series are suspicious that some information has been purposely left out to stir up the gossip on the show. In a conversation between Shane and Vernon, the two discuss how successful Jessica and Aj were in the bushtucker trial. The trial saw AJ and Jessica trying to find stars in pitch-black tunnels and rooms. Viewers think producers may have left out a vital clip in order to cause a bit of controversy between the campmates.

Shane talking to Vernon
Credit: ITV

Vernon and Shane suggest that they predict Jessica will be up for more trials. Comparing the Neon Jungle singer to Jordan North, Shane believed that Jessica showing her fears meant the public would just vote her for more trials. Vernon then suggested that AJ told him that Jessica was ‘petrified’ during the trial. This supported the idea that Jessica will more than likely be put up for the next trial. This caused outrage amongst viewers as the conversation between AJ and Vernon has been left out. Could Vernon be lying? Or have producers been sneaky to cause friction between campmates?

One viewer took to social media to suggest:

“AJ telling porkies – he was the scared one, Jess was calming HIM down!”.

And they weren’t the only shocks of the night. While Shane predicted Jess would be up for the trial, it was actually Ritchie that was voted for the next trial! Viewers also couldn’t believe that Jordan and Ruthie chose Scotch Eggs over Chocolate mini eggs in the Castle coin challenge. I’m a Celebrity may have only been on for a week, but the trouble has already started! Let’s hope there are no more missing scenes in the future!

Vernon Kay
Credit: ITV

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