I’m A Celebrity Cut Short For The 20th Series

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Credit: ITV

If 2020 wasn’t a bad enough year as it is, our favourite reality show is being cut short this year! Celebrities usually have to endure over three weeks of starvation and gruelling bushtucker trials. Even worse, camp mates are plonked into the middle of the jungle, fighting off rats, snakes and a whole host of other creatures. So if viewers thought this years series has been nicer to the celebs, then this news isn’t going to sit well!

Fans are gutted to hear the news that this year’s I’m A Celebrity will be ending on Friday, December 4th. This will mean that the series has been cut by two days, as past series has seen the finale land on a Sunday, exactly three weeks from the premiere. It seems the celebs will have their time cut short in general. When the series aired in Australia, an extra day was added due to the time difference. This is such bad news for us!

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We might cry…

This means there is only just over a week left until we have to say goodbye again for another year. Celebrities are also yet to be kicked out, as there are still 12 camp mates remaining. The ITV show usually sees the first celeb leave at the 2 week mark, which means we will be saying goodbye to someone this weekend. If the odds are correct, its looking like we may be seeing bye to Hollie or Ruthie. We love them all, can’t they all stay!

I’m A Celebrity has managed to adapt to the circumstances. Social media users have applauded the series for the entertaining content it has provided. Despite moving location, the 20th series has been a smash hit. Viewers especially posted their appreciation last night, as viewers could not stop laughing at Shane and Jessica’s drinking trial. We just wonder what they are going to replace the celebrity cyclone with!

Jessica eating trial
Credit: ITV