Jim O’Heir Believes Parks & Rec DID Improve

Parks and Rec
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It’s been a long debate, as fans of Parks and Rec have argued over which season is the best. Many people believe that while the mockumentary is one of the best sitcoms ever, later seasons decreased in quality. Of course, Parks and Recreation isn’t the only comedy to be accused of this. The Office carried on for a further two seasons after Steve Carell left, a choice many felt was the wrong one. And not forgetting that Friends fans felt it was a huge mistake bringing in THAT Rachel and Joey Storyline. Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry on Parks and Rec, as suggested that he doesn’t believe things actually went south…

The NBC comedy launched back in 2009, following the employees of a parks department in Pawnee, Indiana. For seven seasons we watched friendships flourish and projects accomplished. Starring some of the best comedic actors, including Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe and Chris Pratt, the show ran for seven seasons. While fans would agree that the first season starts off pretty slow, it’s the last season that many feel needed improvements…

Jerry on Parks and Rec
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Season 7 decreases in quality for two reasons. Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leave during Season 6, two characters that many adore from the show. But fans also complain about the last season because the show ‘time jumps’, skipping ahead rather than sticking to the characters present storyline. By no means is the final season bad, but Parks and Rec fans felt it decreases the quality of the show.

This is what Jim O’Heir had to say to SCS:

“I can put on certain shows in the background, and they just help. I don’t even need to be watching them. I’ve already seen every episode 100 times. Coming from a guy on the show, it’s going to sound a little biased…but I think it gets stronger every season. And as an avid TV fan, since when I was a little kid, I think that doesn’t happen when the show goes on for a lot of years. You can have the occasional season where you go, ooh, that was not their normal stuff. I don’t think we ever had that. I’m sure people would disagree with me out there”.

The Jerry actor can agree that there are some moments that may have happened, but altogether Parks and Rec remains strong and hilarious. O’Heir puts this own to Mike Schur staying throughout each season. He adds: “Mike never left us, so we never lost our voice. Mike is so protective. Mike Schur’s so protective of our show and of us as a cast”.

Season 7 of Parks and rec
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There has also been a new wave of love for the show, with new people discovering the mockumentary during the coronavirus pandemic. It seems we just can’t get enough of binging Parks and Rec!