Joe Lo Truglio Responds To BGT Connection To B99

Charles from b99
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently went wild over the connection between Charles Boyle and Britains Got Talent singer Susan Boyle. And the actor who plays Charles has now addressed his characters relation to the superstar. Joe Lo Truglio has spoken out about the connection and it’s making us think it could be a storyline that resurfaces!

The reference was only recently spotted by fans of the cop comedy. Reddit went wild, as fans binge-watched the show while stuck at home during the pandemic. Many people couldn’t believe that they had missed a vital joke in the show. In a season six episode, Detective Boyle says “My cousin, Susan, didn’t know she could sing until her late forties”. Of course, Boyle is making reference to the sensational singer that featured on 2009’s Britains Got Talent. And this is what the actor had to say!

Susan boyle
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Speaking to Metro, Joe Lo Truglio said:

“The great thing about Charles Boyle and Susan Boyle is, when they open their mouths, absolutely unbelievable things come out. Both of them prove that surprises live in all of us. Don’t judge a book. Of course they’re related!”.

A cameo isn’t something out of fans’ reach either. Sources close to Susan Boyle have recently spoken out to suggest that the singer is interested in appearing in the popular sitcom. After the year we’ve all had, this is something we would love to see! Season 8 could be very different in the future, as recent episodes were scrapped. Producers and writers are also rethinking what is included when the new season drops next year. A Susan Boyle appearance will surely please everyone!

Jake and charles in b99
Credit: NBC; FOX

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