Kiosk Keith’s Replacement Has Been Revealed

Kiosk Cledwyn
Credit: ITV

A staple on I’m a Celebrity, Kiosk Keith has been a fan favourite of the show for years. Many of us have loved watching the lovable grump not say a word as the celebrities exchange the dingo dollars for some treats to take back to camp. While some of us joked that we would have loved to have seen Nessa from Gavin and Stacey replace Kiosk Keith, we now can finally see who will be the man behind the counter! 

Now, we also can’t forget that Kiosk Keith was replaced by Kiosk Kev back in 2018. Fans have enjoyed watching both Keith and Kev over the years take control of the Outback Shack. And of course, we can’t forget the classic moment where the celebs get the answer wrong and the shutters are slammed in their faces! Now I’m a Celeb is in Wales, what have ITV possibly done to get around this? Well, Kiosk Cledwyn will now be the new replacement! He better be as grumpy as the rest!

The new kiosk
Credit: ITV
There’s also a back story for Kiosk Cledwyn…

Cledwyn is from Ye Olde Shoppe, or Yr Hen Siop as it is known in Welsh. Tom Gould, the executive producer, as also explained that Kiosk Cledwyn is Kiosk Kev’s long-lost Welsh cousin. Instead of Dingo Dollars, the celebs will also be attempting to win Castle Coins this time round. It’s all so different this year!

While viewers can’t help but notice that this year’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is completely different, fans are still enjoying the show. It seems producers have adapted, with millions entertained by the bush trucker trials even under the circumstances. Jordan North has also become a favourite of the show already. Viewers have watched the radio DJ nervously tackle cliff edges and confined spaces in the first few nights alone. We can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Kiosk kev
Credit: ITV
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