Netflix Finally Teases Details For YOU Season 3

Love and Joe
Credit: Netflix

YOU is one of many series that Netflix has sadly had to push production back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans were more than likely getting the third season at the end of this year, as previous years have seen new season drop in the winter. But sadly, our favorite stalker has had to delay his psychopathic tendencies. Finally some good news though, as YOU production has officially started. Yay!

Netflix has teased us with a little look into new episodes, as filing can now safely resume. YOU production was affected along with huge shows such as Stranger Things, with Netflix making some harsh decisions this year. Thankfully, YOU was not cancelled unlike many other series, and now Joe Goldberg is back doing what he does best! 

Joe in YOU
Credit: Netflix, Twitter
This image gives us goosebumps!

The streaming service posted a little spoiler on Twitter, tweeting “We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times”. The post also included a picture of Penn Badgley wearing a face mask. But not just an ordinary face mask, one that says ‘Hello You’. We have chills….

We are yet to receive information regarding the third season of YOU. But it’s set to be filled with more of Goldberg’s terrifying antics. The first season watched Joe Goldberg become infatuated with Guinevere Beck, as is ‘love’ becomes that intense that he refuses to let anything (or anyone) get in the way. The second season finds Joe obsessed with another female, Love Quinn. As he moves to LA for a new life, it seems impossible as Love strikes his interest again. And not forgetting that Love is as completely nuts as Joe. The match made in heaven relocate at the end of season 2, but lets not forget Joe now has a neighbour to focus his time on… 

You season 2 poster
Credit: Netflix

YOU is loosely based on the novels written by Caroline Kepnes. So there’s no doubt the thrilling series will disappoint in Season 3. Victoria Pedretti, the actress who plays Love Quinn, told NBC News that the new season is much stronger than the last. “It’s everything I hoped for in imagining a world in which Joe and Love could be really confronted with themselves, and it creates so much space for so much tragedy and hilarity, and I’m so psyched”. We cannot wait.