Sources Suggest Celebs Attempt Trial BEFORE It’s Aired

Jessica doing a trial
Credit: ITV

It’s been quite a controversial week for I’m A Celeb over the past couple of days. First, viewers were angered by Saturday night’s show because it wasn’t live, instead unseen clips were shown. And now, fans feel lied to. It has been suggested that celebrities are coached before their bushtucker trial. This means they already know the ‘mechanics’ before entering the trial!

The source said:

“The average viewer would assume that a celebrity walks from camp and goes straight into the trial without any heads up. In reality, they are told what they need to do, and in many cases shown how to do it and allowed to try and do it. It does remove some element of jeopardy, the idea that they know exactly how to escape, or unpick a lock, or release a bolt, before the cameras even start rolling”.

Jessica and AJ at the trial area
Credit: ITV
The source continued to suggest that without doing this, trials would be a very boring watch…

“Endless trials all resulting in celebrities getting stuck on intricacies such as locks and keys would make people switch off. They don’t get a warm-up, per se, but are told and shown what they need to do to wriggle out of specific parts of trials. They are told what the rules are, what to expect, and ultimately how to beat it. Viewers would much rather see contestants succeeding than failing on a technicality”.

This means that the celebs taking part in trials such as the Barbaric challenge will have been shown how to succeed before it started. This includes how to unlock the gate. This doesn’t help things for the 2020 series. Past winners including Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison have also claimed the Welsh version of I’m A Celeb is ‘soft’. Viewers have even pointed out that meals are still substantial, even when little stars have been won.

The 2020 campmates
Credit: ITV

ITV has responded to the claims. A spokesperson said:

“Contestants are told the instructions of a Trial and producers ensure that they understand what is required of them in line with our health and safety procedures. Any suggestion of run-throughs or practising is incorrect”.

We can’t keep up! Despite the controversy, this year’s I’m A Celeb has had the highest ratings in years!