SPOILER: Vernon Kay Tackles Deer Testicle In Tonight’s Trial

Vernon Kay in the eating trial
Credit: ITV

Everyone’s favourite trial airs tonight on ITV, as the eating trial is back and as good as ever! Tonight, we will see Vernon Kay devour a deer testicle, not forgetting that Beverley Callard and Jordan North will also have to chomp on some unsightly things! So far, the camp mates have succeeded in their Bushtucker trials. Could we see them fail in tonight’s trial?

ITV offered a sneak peak of tonight’s trial, named Frights At The Round Table. The eating trial has been a crown pleaser for years, as millions watch celebrities struggle to eat a number of creatures and, erm, well private parts! Vernon Kay will tonight tackle a deer’s testicle. Not without gagging at this repulsive snack. Watch below as Jordan and Beverley watch in horror!

Poor Vernon!

Fans were unsure whether the same format would continue on this series. 10 celebs are usually sent to the Australian Bush. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, celebs now have to live in a Welsh castle for three weeks. With the eating trial usually featuring Australian delicacies, viewers predicted that the trial would change. But hurray, we still get to watch the celebs squirm!

Tonight, we will watch Vernon presented with ‘Nuts Roast’, a clever pun for what is truly hidden on the plate. Beverley also can’t contain her laughter along with her team mates as Ant jokes ‘choose your testicle’. Poor Vernon also suggests that the testicle is even worse because “it’s not even warm”. We already know we are going to be laughing our heads off at tonight’s trial! 

We are yet to see what Jordan and Beverley have to eat, but we are sure it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Especially after watching the testicle burst in the trial with Vernon Kay! Ant and Dec also recently took on the eating trial after years of watching other celebs take on the trial. We take our hats off to all the contestants who have to endure the eating challenge!