The I’m A Celeb Castle Is haunted? Crew Refuse To Work

In the latest news about I’m A Celebrity, it’s rumored that some crew members are ‘refusing’ to work at night. It’s reported that certain areas of Gwrych Castle are haunted.

A number of members of the staff working on the new series are said to have witnessed ‘shadowy figures’ and ‘horrifying noises’ coming from the 200-year-old castle according to The Sun.

Some of the crew are going as far as saying they’ve seen creepy faces appear in windows near where the ten celebs are currently holed up! But what Jordan will do if he sees a ghost?!

Jordan being sick
Credit: ITV

But who haunts the castle? Many locals claim that Countess of Dundonald ‘patrols’ the castle at night. She is seeking revenge after her husband destroyed her life’s memory when she died suddenly at 64 in 1924. Creepy stuff! Seems like Countess of Dundonald isnt someone you want to pi** off!

It seems like the crew is taking these sightings seriously one of the areas where a figure was spotted in a window has been “pretty much off-limits ever since” a crew member told The Sun in a recent interview. I think I need to change my pants…

I'm a celeb castle haunted
Credit: ITV

Another crew member described the I’m a Celeb haunted castle as ‘utterly terrifying’ at night while filming. “Several of the crew are completely horror-stricken and don’t want to go up to the castle,”.

I’m a Celeb castle haunted: “Some noises are extremely spooky”

“There are lots of lights on the main sets but there are also many dark areas behind the scenes and some noises are extremely spooky…. Even staff who don’t believe in that sort of thing are reluctant to go up to some of the parts that were supposed to be used for running equipment and camera positions.”

I'm a celeb castle haunted
Credit: ITV

The same source has told The Sun that ITV heads may have to step in if the problem continues. However with the ratings high, maybe it’s worth the risk to keep the I’m a Celeb castle haunted!