The Office Filming Was Halted Due To This Detail

Women’s appreciation
Credit: NBC

The Office is applauded for it’s attention to detail. Fans of the show will know that the mockumentary doesn’t do anything half hearted. Although the sitcom ended a number of years ago, people are still spotting hidden details in scenes. And don’t be fooled, every detail is intentional and has an amazing thought process behind it. The Office Ladies Podcast has provided us with tons of behind-the-scenes information. This has given fans a new level of appreciation for the show. While this detail may have gone unnoticed by many, it stopped filming altogether!

The creator of The Office Greg Daniels has been applauded for spotting details in the show, changing them when necessary. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey recently spoke in an episode of The Office Ladies on how Daniels actually stopped filming to change a detail that people would most probably not notice. During the shoot of ‘Women’s Appreciation’, Daniels stopped production because of the color of somebody’s nail polish. Yes you read that right!

Jan and Michael in the office
Credit: NBC

Melora Hardin, the actress who played Jan Levinson, was told to change the color of her nail polish to something that ‘better suited her character’. This decision was praised by the cast, as the tiny detail made sense to the personality of Jan. Hardin was wearing dark-colored nail polish, but Greg Daniels believed that didn’t fit in with her character. Fischer suggested that everyone on set were extremely impressed with “his attention to detail, that everything mattered, the smallest details mattered”. That really is some dedication!

Fischer and Kinsey continued to explain the scenario:

(Fischer): “I can imagine, if that nail polish was distracting to Greg, it might be distracting to an audience member and it would take you out of the scene and being in this scene with these two characters was so important”. 

(Kinsey): “That would have been weird to me to see Jan with dark nail polish. I would have been thrown by that”. 

Michael and angela in the office
Credit: NBC

That isn’t the only detail that has recently been spotted in the show. The talking heads are a crucial part of the dynamic of The Office. But where each character talks to the camera actually has way more thought put into it as people would first think. Check out the reason why!